Laminate Flooring

Natural wood looks with increased durability

Laminate for Life

laminate flooring Dallas, TX

Laminate flooring is ideal for busy homes with heavy foot traffic from children and pets. It handles wear and some moisture, and its surface is very easy to clean. Plus, laminate floors are specially made to look like hardwood, stone, or tile. So, for those who want the beauty of natural floors but are afraid of durability and price, laminate flooring is the best option. We at First Floors Carpet One are proud to carry laminate from Laminate for Life. This innovative laminate solution is beautiful and long-lasting, so be sure to stop by our Dallas, TX location and check it out!

Laminate for Life offers a variety of styles, and it only utilizes the most up to date laminate technologies. These technologies are focused on areas such as maintenance, installation, and surface strength.

The Clean-N-Go maintenance finish results in an eco friendly and allergen-free surface. It resists dust and dirt particles, so the surface remains clean and healthy. Cleaning the surface is therefore quick and easy, so you’ll spend most of your time enjoying, not cleaning, your new floor!

There also is a Snap Seal locking system that leads to an easy and secure installation. The planks or tiles lock together, and the seal is so tight that dust, dirt, and moisture will not seep under the floor. This helps prevent mold and mildew. The locking system results in a smooth surface as well.

Laminate for Life floors have a Finish Guard protective surface that resists scratches and scruffs. This ensures that the floors will look shiny and new for a long time.