Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Style, durability, and comfort for any room in the home

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl

luxury vinyl flooring Dallas, TX

We at First Floors Carpet One are proud to be your neighborhood experts when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl offers style and performance that can accommodate any residential or commercial setting, so it has definitely become one of the most popular flooring options.

Luxury vinyl is specially-made to offer the natural looks of wood flooring and stone flooring. Given advances in technology, these looks are truly authentic, so at first glance it’s often difficult to determine whether or not a luxury vinyl floor is actually real wood or stone. Also, there are many luxury vinyl options that have authentic surface textures as well, so they even feel like real wood or stone. If you want the looks of wood flooring, luxury vinyl plank is the best option, since the planks are nearly identical to real wood planks. If, however, you prefer a stone floor look, luxury vinyl tile is the best option.

Although its natural looks usually stand out first, luxury vinyl really sets itself apart when it comes to durability. Unlike natural wood and stone floors, luxury vinyl floors can pretty much handle everything life throws their way. Most luxury vinyl floors are totally waterproof, so the planks and tiles will not expand or contract under moist conditions. Also, this water resistance help protect against harmful mold and mildew. Furthermore, luxury vinyl floors have strong top layers that resist scratches, scuffs, and most stains. Because of this extra durability, luxury vinyl flooring is suitable for any area in your home or your commercial space.

Many luxury vinyl floors also have additional support layers underneath the surface. These support layers, which are usually made from flexible materials, provide comfort and warmth underfoot, so luxury vinyl is much easier to walk on than wood and stone. Moreover, the support layers add extra strength and support to the floor, so it will be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and other potential impacts. The planks and tiles will never crack, nor will they cave in or buckle.

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