Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Nothing adds value to your home like a quality hardwood floor, so be sure to make the right choice!

Make the Right Choice

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Hardwood flooring continues to be one of the most popular flooring options in homes and other residences, largely because of its natural beauty and strength. Nothing, in fact, can add value to your home like a real hardwood floor. There are two main types of hardwood available: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Not sure which is right for your home setting? Let the experts at First Floors Carpet One in Dallas, TX help you make the right choice!

Solid hardwood gets its name from its rather solid and basic construction. It is made from genuine strips of real wood and nothing else. There are no extra materials, nor is there any special construction. As a result of this solid wood construction, solid hardwood is strong and thick, so it can handle most foot traffic and other everyday impacts. In fact, one inch of solid hardwood is actually as strong as nearly 15 inches of concrete.

One of the major advantages of solid hardwood involves hardwood refinishing. Given its thick construction, solid hardwood can be refinished multiple times. This means that solid hardwood floors will usually last a long time. Some solid hardwood floors are even considered permanent!

Engineered hardwood looks exactly like solid hardwood, but it features a different construction. Whereas solid hardwood planks are made from a genuine strip of wood, engineered planks are made from individual wood strips. These strips are layered in different directions to counteract wood’s natural ability to expand, so engineered hardwood is more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood. As a result, engineered hardwood, unlike solid hardwood, is suitable for below ground areas such as basements.

While engineered hardwood cannot be refinished as many times as solid hardwood, it is stronger and more stable against foot traffic and other impacts. Engineered hardwood is therefore a better option for homes with children and pets. Also, engineered hardwood can handle areas with higher levels of heat and humidity.