Stain Resistant Carpet

Don't let spills and stain get in your way

Premium Lees and Tigressa Carpets

stain resistant carpet Dallas, TX

We know what all prospective carpet owners fear the most: stains.  Stains, they fear, can ruin a perfect carpet and therefore a perfect design.  However, we at First Floors Carpet One have the remedy for this fear: stain resistant carpet!  We offer the toughest and most durable brands such as Tigressa and Relax, It’s…Lees, both of which are exclusive to Carpet One stores.  Tigressa and Lees carpet are not only stain resistant; they are actually life resistant.  Each can handle anything life throws its way (sometimes literally!), so you can rest easy knowing that your carpet and room design are safe.

Tigressa offers multiple carpet lines that all are durable. Tigressa SoftStyle has extra filaments in each fiber bundle, and these add wear resistance to the surface.  Also, there is a specialized protective color technology that keeps colors sharp over time.  Tigressa Cherish offers tremendous durability as well, but it is better known for its extreme softness.  The most durable line is Tigressa H20, which truly is pet- and child-friendly.  The carpet is waterproof, so liquids do not soak past the surface and will not cause mold or mildew.  Liquids and other spills are also easy to wipe up and clean, and odors even disappear in a matter of time.


Lees carpets are extremely resistant and durable largely because of the advanced technologies.  Lees offers an Ultra 25 technology that repels most liquids (such as coffee and juice) four times longer than traditional stain protection.  This makes it easy for you to wipe spills off of the surface, even if you do not notice them right away.  Also, Lees carpets come with a patented Extra Loc backing material that has twice the density of standard construction.  So, Lees carpets can resist most spills, drops, falls, heavy foot traffic, and everything else life has to offer.

Visit First Floors Carpet One in Dallas, TX and check out our selection of life resistant carpets.  See for yourself how Tigressa and Lees carpets offer strength and durability without sacrificing style.