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Vinyl flooring is a great in homes and other residences because it combines the natural looks of wood and stone with extra durability and resilience. The two most popular vinyl options are sheet vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring, both of which can be installed by your neighborhood experts at First Floors Carpet One. Not sure if sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl is right for you? Let us help you make the right choice!


Sheet vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring are both specially-made to resemble real wood or stone. These looks, because of modern advances in technology, are certainly realistic. Luxury vinyl, however, does offer more authentic looks, and it also can be textured so that it feels like wood or stone.


Both sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl are more durable than their wood and stone counterparts. They resist scratches and scuffs, and they also can handle moisture. As a result, sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl are appropriate for nearly every home setting. Nonetheless, luxury vinyl, because it often includes extra support layers, does offer greater dimensional stability.


Sheet vinyl flooring, as you can imagine, is installed in large sheets. Depending of the size and shape of your area, two to three sheets are usually necessary. Given sheet vinyl’s construction, the floor’s surface will have few to no gaps. Luxury vinyl flooring consists of vinyl tiles or vinyl planks, so it is installed similarly to tile and wood. Most new luxury vinyl floors can be installed using the floating method, in which the planks or tiles click together to float over the subfloor without any adhesive.


For the most part, sheet vinyl flooring is less expensive than luxury vinyl flooring. But, because luxury vinyl planks and tiles can be more easily replaced than a vinyl sheet, maintaining luxury vinyl is typically less costly.